“Jake grabbed her around the shoulders and began shaking her. “How do I get…?”

His question was cut off as a hundred and forty-five pounds of fury slammed into him, knocking him into the side of the garage. Buster’s charge was so intense; Jake bounced off the garage wall several feet in the air and landed hard on the sidewalk, causing his gun to fly out of his hand...”

From the wilderness of northeast Minnesota comes a moving story about a magnificent animal that was born as a result of a union between a beautiful female German Shepherd and a lone wolf. Tragedy occurred early in the pup’s life when he and the family were attacked by aerial hunters. He was shot and near death when a lumberman, Mike Banning, found him and rushed him to a local veterinarian who saved his life. After he recovered, the Banning family adopted him and named him Buster. He quickly adjusted to his new surroundings and became devoted to Mike’s wife, Becky, and their two children, Jeff and Julie.   Two years later he had grown to an astounding 140 pounds, and people came from miles around to see this unusual animal that looked  like a wolf, but had the colors of a German Shepherd. Unfortunately, there were also evil-minded people that recognized an opportunity and targeted Buster for their dog-fighting business. Although Buster had become domesticated, the wolf blood line remained strong within him, and he would be a formidable force to anyone threatening the Banning family.

   The story is filled with action, suspense, and a heart-wrenching conclusion reminiscent of Old Yeller and White Fang.

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