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  As a youngster, growing up in Norwich, New York, I was fascinated by the land and the creatures that lived there. I would play for hours in the woods behind my home, pretending I was a great hunter like Daniel Boone; darting from one tree to another, then crawling on my hands and knees to try and surprise an unsuspecting deer. I never got close as chattering squirrels and the warning call of a blue jay spoiled my chances. Probably didn’t matter. My choice of weapon was a Gene Autry water pistol.

   My love of the outdoors grew even stronger as I pursued a career in marketing with several national firms. This required a lot of travel and afforded me the opportunity to play golf and fish in some of the most beautiful regions of the country. I could hardly wait to retire to devote more time to my hobbies. However, as time passed, these activities took a back seat to a more meaningful endeavor.

   One night, two of my grandchildren asked me to read them a bedtime story. I couldn’t find a suitable book for a nine and twelve year old, so I turned to my vivid, and sometimes wild imagination, and came up with a tale about my favorite animals; dogs and wolves. The kids loved it, and, from that moment on, pestered me at every opportunity to turn that story into a novel.  

It is my sincere hope that “From the Wilderness” tugs at your heart and will be memorable enough for you to pass it on to your future generations.

J.R. Thompson

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