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“Mr. J.R. Thompson is a local author who discussed his latest book, ‘From the Wilderness’ at our library, Southwest Branch Library in Escambia County, Pensacola, FL on December 1, 2012.

Mr. Thompson’s book is a grandfather’s bed time story combining the quest of a young half-wolf with love of family and outdoors.  The story is entertaining for all ages.

Mr. Thompson’s presentation and ability to relate well with the audience was excellent, and made obvious by the questions asked of him.  Several people remained afterward to continue discussion about his writing experience and future plans for more books of the same interests.

I would highly recommend having Mr. Thompson presenting his book and discussion for groups of all ages.  It’s a real successful event for any literary institution.”


Cathy Ingram


Friends of the Southwest Branch Library


“J.R. Thompson graciously spoke to our 5th and 6th grade students in August 2011 about his book, From the Wilderness.  In preparation for his visit, I read the first few chapters aloud to each class during their library times.  They LOVED the teaser and couldn’t wait to hear more of the story.


He spoke to each grade level as a whole in the library for about 30 minutes and left plenty of time for student questions.  They listened intently to his presentation and asked interesting questions about his idea for the story, the process he used when writing and how he got his book published.  Many students purchased the book.   They were thrilled when Mr. Thompson took the time to meet them and dedicate and autograph each student’s copy for them.  In our book Mr. Thompson is a “Rock Star”!”


    ~Jenni Jewett
      Pima Elementary School – Teacher Librarian
      Scottsdale, Arizona


I arranged for Mr. Thompson to come in May 2011 and present his book to our 6th grade classes at (RJEMS) Robert J. Elkington Middle School. Due to our scheduling, he did two – 40 minute presentations for approximately 140 students per session and was well received.

You could have heard a pin drop. From the moment he introduced himself, showed “the wolf” on the book cover and shared the title of his book – the students were captivated.  When he began to tell a bit about the story… they were hooked. He then gave some background information about himself and how he came o write the book. Following this, Mr. Thompson fielded questions from the students. We ran out of time with the questions. They were interested in how he came to write about “wolves” when he previously lived in California and presently in Florida. They wondered how he received his “information about wolves”, in order to write realistically. Students were most intrigued that he used local towns in his writing and that he was a “first time” author at his age. I believe that fact remained a highlight when I had my home room students share a written perspective with me about our author visit. Several students in my class were amazed yet pleased, that an author isn’t born writing, that they could become an author…even later in life.

J.R. Thompson’s visit was stimulating and a real treat for our students. As teachers, we work hard to put books in front of our students and encourage them to read and think and respond to literature. What better way than to bring real writers/authors into our classrooms. I would highly recommend having Mr. Thompson visit your school…everyone will be in for a REAL TREAT!”

  ~Connie Daigle

    Grade 6 – Teacher


    Grand Rapids, MN 55744


J.R. Thompson visited our school in May of 2011. He spoke to grades 5-8 in an auditorium program about his writing, his books, his stories, and about being a writer. Mr. Thompson simply sat on a chair with a microphone in his hand and quickly captivated our middle school students with a brief story of the half-wolf, half-dog, main "character" in his book. The topic and Mr. Thompson's voice tone seemed to gather student attention quickly. The students became curious and asked many good questions about Mr. Thompson's ideas, his life, and what it is like to be a writer. Both boys and girls alike showed attention and interest. Mr. Thompson's books were available to buy, but he did not make the selling of his books a main part of his presentation.

I would recommend Mr. Thompson to you as a visitor to your school. He seems to have a knack for the kind of adventure stories that appeal to this age of student, along with the stories I think he is an example of good work ethic, persistence, and striving for excellence in his craft. “

    ~ Mrs. Laurie Kess, Assistant Principal

        Ely Memorial High School

        Ely, Minnesota


“It is my distinct honor to enthusiastically and without reservation recommend your book ìfrom

the Wilderness as a supplementary text for high school classes. Haas Hall Academy utilizes this

novel in grades 9-11.

The novel is a well structured novel featuring multi-faceted characters that enrich the story, a

strong protagonist and a plot that keeps the scholarís attention. The novel creates numerous

opportunities to learn, imagine and reflect allowing for ample discussions and written activities. “

    ~ Dr. Martin W. Schoppmeyer, Jr.

       Founder and Superintendent of Schools



“A compelling venture into the fragile relationship of man versus a majestic wild animal.

You will encounter nature at eye level and be enlightened with this thriller of a story.”

~ Tom Chapin retired Minnesota Conservation Officer/Author


“I truly enjoyed it. It has all the elements one could want in a good book: Love, Passion and Mystery.”

~ Art Giberson, Gulf Coast Authors


“From The WIlderness is well written, very entertaining and even though it is fiction it is based on fact. Mr. Thompson spoke to my club - Kiwanis Club of Pensacola - in December 2009 about the topic of wolves and their challenges co-existing with man. he gave  superb presentationj. If you need a guest speaker for your group I highly recommend you to invite Mr. Thompson.”

~ Trudy K. O’Brien, President, Kiwanis Club of Pensacola Florida


“From The Wilderness is wonderful adventure story pitting humans against the wild.  The story will tug at your heartstrings and stay with you long after you have finished it.”

        ~ Lora Glass, Reference/ILL Manager, Niceville Public Library, Niceville, Florida


“Your superb presentation about the plight of the Timberwolf co-existing with man was most provocative.

Your publication "From the Wilderness" highlights the problems and misconceptions that occur when animal meets civilization.”

        ~ Joseph J. Thompson, Secretary, Big Lagoon Kiwanis Club


“Today (Sunday) I started reading your book and could not put it down, until I finished it at 6:05 pm today.

The first tear for me came on page 33, and then more later. The last few pages caused my eyes to swell up so much that I couldn’t see and I took several breaks to wipe my eyes and compose myself.     ...your book is so well done, that it not only pulls at your heart strings, but inspires so many other virtues like husband & wife relationship, relationship with you kids, wildlife conservation, and the value of true friendship.”

    ~ Roger Matthews,  Milton Rotary Club, Milton, FL


“I sincerely appreciate you for taking the time to present to our 7th grade scholars last week. They greatly enjoyed hearing about your book titled From the Wilderness, and you kept them enthralled, if not mesmerized, for nearly an hour. After you left, many of these scholars stopped me in the hallway throughout to day to tell me how much they enjoyed listening to you and how they could not wait to read your book! Furthermore, as a biologist and former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee, I was thrilled that you commented on the plight of wild wolf populations and how this keystone species has been (and continues to be) needlessly persecuted throughout its range.”

   ~ Rod Wittenberg, PhD, Headmaster and Instructor of Life Sciences, Haas Hall Academy

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