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J.R. Thompson

“A compelling venture into the fragile relationship of man versus a majestic wild animal. You will encounter nature at eye level and be enlightened with this thriller of a story.”

~ Tom Chapin retired Minnesota Conservation Officer/Author

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“It is an amazing and courageous thing that J.R. Thompson did when he wrote his latest book, The Wrong Way Home. He shares his life experience in hopes of helping young men who may be having difficult times in their own lives. His story is easily repeated and fits the life of many young adolescents who have not yet understood the realization of their own life script that is ahead of them. He is a caring man who gives his time freely to speak with adolescents, and tell the incredible life-story in hopes that he can reach them before it’s too late. It is much harder to put the brakes on the lives of youth once they enter the Juvenile Justice System and have started a life of detention and residential programs

In his book, J. R. Thompson shares with his readers how a seventeen-year-old was targeted, stalked, and attacked, yet possessed the fighting skills to survive the taunting and sexual propositions. He could have easily been doomed to a life of incarceration and extreme mental and physical abuse. The reality of that situation gave him the strength and fortitude to turn his life around, and not only get out from under the penal system, but ended up being a very successful businessman. The story of his struggles gives hope to other young adolescents who think there is no way out.

This book should be mandatory for all youth in the Juvenile Justice System to read and discuss how their lives are similar to the author’s, and then find the strength and resources that are available to them to also get their life together, and turn their circumstances into a positive experience.

Finally, the book should also be read by young adults and parents of juveniles who have shown symptoms of rebellion, depression or lack of self-worth.”

    Thomasyne Yardley, National Certified Counselor
    Designated Mental Health Authority
    Escambia Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Pensacola, Florida

We are excited to announce J.R. Thompson’s new book

The Wrong Way Home

    Soon after his arrival at the dreaded Chillicothe Reformatory in Ohio, Jim was labeled a sweetboy, a term to describe an inmate that is boyishly good-looking and appears vulnerable. Within a week, inmates began stalking him, looking for the right moment to beat him into submission and ultimately rape him.  Jim knew how to fight, but regardless of how good his fighting skills were, he realized a group of determined attackers would eventually overcome him. This realization terrified him to the very core of his soul. Because succumbing to such abuse was out of the question, he was left with two options; escape and destroy his life forever, or fight as if he was possessed.